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Running until March 31, 2022, in Dubai, Expo 2020 is one of the most important events in the world. This is an international fair that brings together different sectors, such as private companies, NGOs, and government institutions, all aimed at discussing topics such as business, technology, urbanism, sustainability, science, culture, gastronomy and economy.

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Watch ROGER DUBUIS Excalibur Spider Pirelli – Boutique dos Relógios Plus, 77.000€

The robust 45mm skeletonized case with black DLC titanium elements that contrast with the mythical colours of Pirelli tires provides the perfect chassis for the Caliber RD820SQ. The design and thickness of the famous Roger Dubuis micro-rotor enhances the 3D effect of the skeletonized manufacture movement.

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Watch HUBLOT MP-02 Unique Edition – Boutique dos Relógios Plus, 259.000€

Born in 2011, Hublot’s Masterpiece collection is synonymous with watchmaking innovation and mastery, with timepieces that contain major complications and extraordinary movements. An example of this successful philosophy, the Single Edition MP-02 Key of Time offers the user the exceptional ability to master their own time, by controlling the speed of the passage of hours. A total of 512 small components are at the base of the HUB9002 automatic caliber, responsible for bringing this exceptional watchmaking piece to life and allowing it to slow down or speed up time that passes. Thanks to Key of Time, pleasant moments can be extended four times – which means that each 15-minute space will take an hour to be covered – and, similarly, the most difficult moments can be reduced, without losing freedom to return to normal time at any time. Similar to its inspiring model, this Unique and exclusive Piece surprises with a decidedly futuristic design, where the tourbillon stands out by assuming a vertical position and housing the seconds displayed through a rotating disc, but it differs from that when dressing entirely in white with red accents and a rose gold case, the back of which bears the inscription “Pièce Unique BR 1/1”.

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Ring ANIL ARJANDAS – Boutique dos Relógios Plus, 1.890€

Anil Arjandas bracelets and jewellery are a real phenomenon of popularity among men (and women) all over the world. Here we present a black rubber ring decorated with darkened silver set with a double row of diamonds.

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ROLLS-ROYCE Prototype 103 EX

Looking ahead to the next 100 years, each Rolls Royce promises to be a unique work of art. Shape, size and silhouette, everything can be created and customized by you. The Rolls-Royce 103EX is the brand’s first vision vehicle and embodies just one of the endless possibilities that await. A bespoke icon for the future, providing a sanctuary of calm in an ever-faster world. The height of effortless autonomous travel, gliding silently through the cities of tomorrow.

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