Cia. Marítima presents the new Trópicos collection for summer 2020. Inspired by a dip in the Caribbean blue sea, this trip through paradisiacal islands was the backdrop for the creation of the new pieces that make up the collection, already available in Lisbon and Funchal stores.

The new collection features striking patterns, with references to the fauna and flora of these exotic destinations, with colors and shapes distinct from the celebrated Central American paradise. Colorful butterflies and countless species come to life in the patterns of bodies, tops and bottoms.


The flowing fabrics of beach outings such as kaftans, skirts and dresses reinforce the tropical spirit, ready to celebrate summer. Actress Isis Valverde is the guest star who stars in the Trópicos collection campaign.

A Turbilhão é uma revista semestral, especializada na área da Alta Relojoaria e do Luxo.