The evolution of science would bring architecture, Product design and technology closer together. Three territories that have been merged, for ten years, by the hands of Consexto, to offer a premium and “out of the box” set of residential concierge services such as home theaters, dream garages and vault rooms, among others. Solutions with enormous potential that can be experienced in the brand’s new showroom in Cascais – a space created to celebrate this decade of activity.

In 2009, Consexto was founded in Porto. A certified company with international projection, which is distinguished by the excellence and quality of services that make up its “made to measure” offer in the residential areas of Home Theater, Dream Garage and Vault Rooms. A brand that combines national manufacture and design with internationally renowned technology brands, also pioneers in their segments, such as Barco, JBL Synthesis, Kaleidescape, Control4, Steinway Lyngdorf or Bang & Olufsen.

Sought by architects, designers and individuals, Consexto takes the “front line”, as a preferred partner when it comes to managing its projects, to which the brand offers an exhaustive consultancy, development and customization work and a rigorous monitoring throughout all processes. In addition to their “expertise” and know-how, the fact that they work in a multidisciplinary environment, with a passionate and free team has allowed them to open the range of creativity with a constant focus on the future, innovation and progress. Each project is a unique exploration of curiosity and experimentation, cemented by clients who make Consexto’s identity all by themselves. Over its ten years of history, there have been many awards that have distinguished Consexto’s constant commitment to design, quality and the development of all solutions “inside doors”. The Consexto Lab showroom in Porto, for example, saw its space earning the mention of Best Commercial Installation EMEA 2012 and Closet House, the Archdaily Building of The Year 2010 Award. And now, to celebrate a decade of many other achievements, a new showroom arrives to Marina de Cascais. A “point of contact” with customers and partners, which takes shape in one of the regions where Consexto projects arise in greater number, which is why this showroom opens its doors in such a special location and with such promising objectives …

Here, in an admittedly residential and carefully elaborated space, visitors immerse themselves in a scenario of experiences that unites the best of image, sound and technology in different environments, constituting a showcase of the potential of their service, entirely developed in Portugal.

Enter and let yourself be carried by the speakers and television completely imperceptible in an invisible environment, with a cabinet with hidden clock rotor. Or the large “levitating” screen in a living room with a high definition projector. Or for the atmosphere dedicated to the best that the iconic Danish brand Bang & Olufsen has to offer. Or even, the maximum exponent of Consexto’s service, for the complete and original Home Cinema room, where the experience of sound and image, merges in a path of geometric and textured patterns, of white and black, of a unique retractable bar and mechanized armchairs from Poltrona Frau completing this intense sensory journey.

Consexto does not lose sight of the future and, in addition to the security systems and the concealment of luxury goods, its latest bet is on garages for luxury cars, transforming a space of the house, usually forgotten, in the center of attentions. A delight for lovers of the automotive world and a new challenge for Consexto, which makes its objectives clear: to develop ever more innovative projects and to continue to surprise luxury customers, which in itself is the greatest challenge of all!

Temporary Gallery:
Marina de Cascais, L1 | T. 211 370 269
headquarters: Av. da Boavista 3769, 4100-139 Porto
T. 222 022 106

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