The promise to love someone forever and the moment we decided to do so deserve to be celebrated with the magic and charm of princess stories. Wedding trends may be changing, but the desire to immortalize that day in a unique and memorable way remains unchanged.

The dream wedding is defined by the details, refinement and sophistication, so that the big day is made of unique moments and sublime experiences that will stay in the memory of the bride and groom, guests and family.

For all its surroundings, the preparations continue to arouse a whirlwind of emotions, as celebrating love also means planning a perfect and magical day in which everything has to be in its place and every detail counts to make it unforgettable.

As in all love stories, there is a beginning, here marked by the engagement ring, which represents a special and memorable moment. Its choice is in everything a ritual, surrounded by romanticism, but also by enormous symbolism, in the search for that stone or jewel designed exclusively for those who want to snatch the heart.

The intensity with which the love story is lived also extends to the wedding preparations, so that everything turns out to be perfect. The starting point is the definition of a concept, a kind of narrative that will give a personal touch and determine the aesthetics of the event and the choices during its organization. And the options are almost endless, according to the preferences of the bride and groom: urban, rustic, modern, romantic, Shabby Chic, Boho, vintage, classic, themed or minimalist style. And the places that host them are increasingly diverse and innovative. There are rustic, bucolic farms, full of mystical or more modern character. There are urban corners, palaces and mansions, castles, unusual places or paradises by the sea. For the selection of these spaces, the type of accommodation that is intended to be offered to the guests, as well as the activities that will be provided to them, also counts.

For the wedding to be absolutely perfect, the harmony of the decor is crucial. Whatever the environment chosen for the happiest day of their lives, the decor of the space must be striking and full of refinement. There are key pieces, objects that are eternal and timeless, ideas that will make a difference. In order not to run the risk of leaving something important out, hiring a wedding planner is crucial when what you most want is to have and provide a truly unique and exclusive experience. A wedding is made up of moments that unfold throughout the day (or night) and each one has a purpose, a role to play in the celebration, generating different emotions, highlights that the bride and groom want to make special. However, there are some that have always been evident and others that have become a trend.


Signature wedding dresses

Today, there is much greater freedom and a certain break from traditionalism in the bride’s look, but the truth is that her dress continues to be the center of attention and never before have wedding dresses been so innovative and full of personality.

JIMMY CHOO Sandálias

Although there are more and more specialized stores, designer dresses are in vogue to achieve an exclusive and iconic design. Another trend is the bride’s second look, for the wedding reception, and it’s not just at royal and celebrity weddings that this is common anymore. Along with the dress comes make-up and hair, and having a personal hairdresser and make-up artist is essential. Men are also increasingly demanding with their image on their wedding day, looking for less conventional outfits that stand out for its elegance.


Invitations with identity

In an era where digital merges with our lives, wedding invitations, as well as all stationary elements created especially for the event, want to be unique. Every detail counts to individualize and personalize these pieces, making them unmistakable and identity. From the careful choice of printing papers, to the selection of the typeface, craftsmanship is more valued today than ever. The letters drawn as if they were made by hand and the creation of the “seal” of the bride and groom to seal the invitations, by analogy with the eternal union, are increasingly differentiating and creative options, which give the wedding its own identity.


Classic, vintage or eco-friendly

Arriving at the ceremony and then at the venue in style is one of the highlights of the wedding. But tradition is no longer what it used to be. The classic wedding car gave way to other means of bridal transport, equally distinctive and romantic, but generally more original. There is a huge range of possibilities, from vintage cars, vintage vans, sidecars, period carriages in the style of fairy tales and even motorcycles and bicycles for those who do not give up their eco-friendly way of life!



Yes, I do!

The wedding ring continues to be one of the most careful choices made by the bride and groom. It is the long-awaited moment of “Yes, I do!”, full of feeling, in which all eyes are focused on the bride and groom, with emotion at the edge of their skin, fighting that tear that insists on running down their face. This symbol of eternal love carries within it all the meaning of marriage.


From old albums to limitless creativity

Gone are the days when endless posing and photo shoots exasperated even the most patient guests. Today, photographs want to be natural, authentic and creative, and the traditional albums have given way to the digital format. Creating your own website for the wedding has already become a trend and in addition to making photos and videos available, it turns out to be a personalized space for communication with guests, perfect for sharing the wedding list or confirming attendance.

In the digital age, the use of technology is increasingly a hit, making the use of drones or mapping common, with 3D projections full of creativity. Music is an essential part of our lives and another special element of weddings and, like photos and videos, creates unforgettable moments. However, the guests no longer vibrate with the famous playlists, and if the bride and groom want the dance floor until dawn, the ideal is to hire live music: a band, a DJ or both. DJs accompanied by voice or a musical instrument, such as saxophone or violin, are also increasingly trendy.


Portuguese bridesmaids

Despite being a trend imported from the United States, having more than one bridesmaid is increasingly common in Portuguese culture, even though we continue, most of the time, to call her godmothers. There are experts who claim that it is a tradition that dates back to Roman times and was intended to protect the bride from evil spirits. Nowadays, the friends who accompany the bride are her right arm in the ceremony and its organization, and, above all, the best company to share experiences and emotions. One of the roles of the bridesmaids is to plan the bachelorette party, which tends to be held in distant destinations that have particular meaning for the bride. More than a trip where you say goodbye to your single condition, it serves to strengthen bonds of friendship and immortalize moments.

Organizing a wedding can be a painstaking task, but above all, it means turning each couple’s love story into a memorable and absolutely unique day. It’s sharing your emotions, your dreams and your happiness!


By Companhia das Cores


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