Editorial Statute

Turbilhão is a semi-annual magazine, specialized in the area of High Watchmaking and Luxury, which aims to inform the reader, with rigor, impartiality and editorial creativity, about the various concepts associated with the sector, whether economic, cultural, social or technical.

At Turbilhão, the theme of Haute Horlogerie merges with articles about Time in its broader concept and the way we enjoy it, leading to articles where the most exclusive and prestigious lifestyle is the guiding thread.

Turbilhão takes as its primary mission the information and the reader’s enlightenment, as clearly and objectively as possible, pledging to comply with the ethics of the media.

Turbilhão is governed by journalistic criteria of Rigor and Impartiality, respecting all opinions or beliefs.

Turbilhão carefully distinguishes news from opinion spaces. As such, opinions should be signed by those who defend them and clearly identifiable.

Turbilhão claims the right to issue its own opinion, through the editorial, always in full compliance with the law in force.

Turbilhão respects the rights, freedoms and guarantees enshrined in the Constitution.

Turbilhão complies with the Press Law, respects the rules of the Journalist Statute and observes the guidelines defined in this Editorial Statute.