SUD Lisboa Terrazza begins the year with a new menu, highlighting the Mediterranean flavors and the quality and freshness of the products. Turbilhão went taste it.

At SUD Lisboa Terrazza, the beginning of 2020 is synonymous with a new winter menu. For this season, Executive Chef Patrick Lefeuvre suggests a menu consisting of comforting dishes, where the watchword is “the quality of the products”. Inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean, the SUD Lisboa Terrazza winter menu brings together dishes that combine fresh national and international products, carefully selected by the Chef.

According to Patrick Lefeuvre, “the first and main criterion for the selection of products is related to their high quality. This is the main factor”. It is for this reason that the fish comes from our coast or that the Burrata from Andria and the Black Truffle arrive from Italy. “We go to the origin, to the places that we know are the best producers of this or that product”, adds the Executive Chef of SUD Lisboa Terrazza.

Patrick Lefeuvre, Executive Chef of SUD Lisboa Terrazza

Once the ingredients are selected, it is time to create each dish. For this contributes not only to the products available at each Season, but also the surrounding space. “It is necessary to adapt the menu to the place for which it is intended, to the its concept…”, says Patrick Lefeuvre. SUD Lisboa Terrazza Executive Chef accumulates this role with that of Executive Chef of Epic SANA Lisboa and, as such, explains: “although the base of work is the same (the high quality and freshness of the products), the dishes that make up the menu of each of these spaces are totally different because the concepts have nothing to do “.

The new Menu

Turbilhão went to SUD Lisboa Terrazza to try some of the dishes – selected by the Chef – that make up the new winter menu and tells you everything. The meal started with a Charolais Beef Carpaccio, topinambur chips, caccio & pepe cream and pine nuts and black truffle condiment; “Alla Scapece” tuna, crispy fennel salad, olive spherification and marinated courgette; and the divine Burrata of Andria.

As a fish dish, Chef Patrick Lefeuvre selected the Dory Filletcolored in butter and citrus, cream of cauliflower and freckled mackerel with razor clams. The meat dish resulted in a juicy Charolais Rossini with foie gras, truffled celery cream and wild mushroom raviolis. The meal was harmonized with the white DIVAI Reserva 2017, an Alentejo wine of own production, from the Arinto, Viognier, Verdelho and Semillon varieties.

To end in apotheosis, the Chef presented as desserts the Sud Cioccolato, composed of dark chocolate mousse with praline crunch, raspberry gel, cocoa crumble, sesame tulie and raspberry sorbet; and the Vanilla from Madagascar Creme Brulée served with forest fruits and caramelized puff pastry.

Turbilhão tasted just a few of the dishes and can assert that the quality and freshness of the ingredients is, in fact, ubiquitous and that the preparation and combination of the products awakens the taste buds, making the flavor of each dish memorable.

But, in the new SUD Lisboa Terrazzamenu there are many other dishes that deserve to be highlighted. This is the case of the legitimate snapper roasted in a flavored salt crust, served with sautéed seasonal vegetables, rosemary roasted potatoes and green salad; the Marrowbone of Veal confit at low temperature for 24 hours, truffle and gnocchi of spinach and lemon; the Carabineer Risotto with saffron; or goat leg confit at low temperature with celery cream, glazed salsification and broccolini; without forgetting Nougatine with crunchy peanuts, chocolate mousse, raspberry couli and yogurt ice cream, to sweeten the palate.

And because ‘the eyes also eat’, Executive Chef Patrick Lefeuvre bets on a unique plating that he says is the result of “memories; travel and experiences along the professional trajectory ”.

A journey that is worth following at SUD Lisboa Terrazza from 12:00 pm until 11:30 pm.