The meetings of owners of super sports cars have gained expression around the world and have even become the stage for the presentation of some exclusive models. If before you had to travel across borders to participate in one, now you just have to travel a few kilometers … and have a dream car!

United by the passion for super sports cars and a lifestyle in which refinement and exclusivity reign, there are groups of people who come together in dream encounters for many. As they pass, the others watch, almost in disbelief with so many mythical cars gathered before them. There, there is an opportunity to share impressions in relation to the biggest machines, thematic tours are made on the most impressive roads, limits are tested on racetracks, but, above all, friends with interests and common views on the pleasures of life are made. And, thus, more than a passion, the super sports become a social link.

It is in this way that António Pombo sees the most beautiful machines produced by the automotive industry and that is why he brought to Portugal two exclusive concepts of meetings associated with them. Passionate, since he was a child, for super sports, he founded, in 2016, SquareSummary, a company dedicated to the areas of management consulting and event management and organization. As could be expected, the supercars set the tone for the projection and, right in the start-up year, António Pombo created the Cars & Coffee brand, to develop the organization of his own events with the theme of super sports cars. A year later, GT Circle was born, a private and exclusive club for owners of super sports cars. Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, McLaren or Mercedes AMG are just some of the brands represented among the more than 430 owners who have already surrendered to both concepts.

Through Cars & Coffee, events are organized that bring together a large number of luxury sports cars and sports cars, modern and classic, and their owners for a day dedicated to this theme. The concept is similar to the meetings that began to emerge in 2006 in Los Angeles, to quickly spread across the United States of America and around the world. However, they received a differentiated approach, further promoting conviviality and networking, through a carefully thought out program.

“With the two annual editions, Northern and Central Portugal, the lifestyle event grew in notoriety and gained the confidence of the owners of these cars, who, despite their busy schedules, do their best to be at these events, where they meet friends and other participants who already know from previous editions ”, explains António Pombo, while identifying the drivers of success:“ In addition to the main reason that brings this exclusive group together, the interest in super sports cars, the gastronomic, cultural part and the networking itself are reasons of interest for the participants.”

Providing an entire experience is precisely the aim of the GT Circle, which raises the bar even further for its initiatives. The private club, for collectors, passionate about sports cars and people who do not dispense with a refined lifestyle, organizes events throughout the year in different formats: from half-day events, sometimes organized with partners such as Boutique dos Relógio Plus, to events on racetracks, with access to the track, up to the tours. The latter are divided into Weekend (two days), and Rally (five days), have programs that include luxury hotels, excellent gastronomic experiences, roads carefully chosen among checkpoints, but also a cultural component.

“While the first brand is limited to Portuguese territory, the club organizes events in Portugal and abroad, with a visit in 2018 to the Geneva International Motor Show, without cars, and with its 2017 Rally to be held between Portugal and Spain”, says António Pombo on the differences between both concepts. Another is that entry into the GT Circle, as this is a club, usually depends on an indication by another member of the club or the analysis of an application, while in Cars & Coffee participation in the events depends on the acceptance of a certain vehicle by the organization. In any case, reasons of interest will certainly not be lacking.

Passionate about automobiles and in search of strong emotions, when choosing a strand of journalism, Andreia Amaral had no doubts that writing about cars would be what would make her happy. Throughout her career, she worked for several publications in the sector. Today, eclectic in interests, she divides her time between two loves: the engines and the economy.