The origin of Rosa & Teixeira is deeply linked to the art of tailoring. It is in the tailoring atelier in the Rosa & Teixeira building that the experienced hands of the master tailor and his team bring to life the creations of art that are born there, maintaining the tradition of several generations of professionals connected to this century-old house.

The art begins in the workshops, where the hands of tailors and specialised seamstresses create exclusive garments that combine a mixture of tradition and contemporary spirit. Each piece is made stitch by stitch. It is to the measure of perfection that works of meticulous precision are created, in an atelier that opens to the gaze of those who visit the lower floor of Rosa & Teixeira.

The movements of the masters, seamstresses and tailors have the instinctive fluidity of experience and the precision of a clock. Whether new customers or long-standing friends, everyone knows that here, more than suits, they find wisdom. The work is born with the claim to be exceptional. Whether it’s a suit or a jacket, in a more classic or casual style, everything obeys very precise criteria.

Quality, exclusivity and attention to detail are present in every experienced gesture. Each piece impresses by its mastery and requires deep research and a tireless search for the best quality fabrics and raw materials, and the know-how for its proper application. By being handcrafted, detail is one of the added values, so nothing is left to chance, making each piece special and unique. This attention to detail – this aspiration for perfection, shared by all collaborators, marks the identity of Rosa & Teixeira, which continues to be a meeting point for the best male design in Portugal.

In tailoring, time is the friend of perfection, and with each fitting the customer lives a unique experience, in which he has the opportunity to discover that nothing in this art is by chance: the choice of fabric, the stitch and finish, the purity of the lines and buttons … A complexity that becomes simple when the garment is finished and becomes a second skin – as unique as the wearer.

It is at number 204 of Avenida da Liberdade, in Lisbon, that the essence of the art of tailoring is experienced, at a meeting point between past and present. Rosa & Teixeira is all about tradition and culture intertwined with style and good taste in the service of excellence and professionalism.

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