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Lamborghini super sports cars have distinguished themselves ever since the first 350 GT model came onto the scene in 1963 owing to their beauty of design and power of the aspirated V12 engine that, back then just like today, is able to offer an enthralling and matchless driving sensation. The unmistakable sound of the V12 is like a symphony for orchestra. Each of the 12 cylinders must move in harmony with the others, like a series of 12 violins playing in crescendo, gear after gear, to best exalt the driver’s driving sensations.

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Boutique dos Relógios Plus, On request

The Balancier Convexe S² isolates the most powerful elements of the original Balancier S and accentuates and modernises them. Instead of soft curves and a discreet aesthetic, the Balancier Convexe S² is all about contrast and power. It shares the movement of its predecessor but introduces a new case, new finishing, and a new design.

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Cambridge Dry Gin, 52€

Traditional juniper combines with fresh basil, rosemary, rose petal, angelica seed, blackcurrant leaf and the effervescent citrus finish of lemon verbena. The result is an homage to the aromatic, sensorial delight of an English meadow at the height of summer. 

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Watch VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Lady Féerie, 226.000€

Powerful symbols of joy and hope, fairies and ballerinas are an enduring tradition at Van Cleef & Arpels. Touched with ethereal grace, these emblematic feminine figures evoke the Maison’s enchanting world.
A protective muse and symbol of femininity, a fairy watches over the Poetry of Time in her sapphire and diamond dress. Her wings made of turquoise plique-à-jour enamel echo the nuances of the starry sky, crafted in guilloché mother-of-pearl, and set with diamonds. Delicately sitting on a cloud, she points out the minutes with her magic wand thanks to a retrograde movement. The moon indicates the hours in a mother-of-pearl aperture, magnified by a gentle and soothing halo.

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Ring GRAFF Threads

Boutique dos Relógios Plus, 233.800€

White gold, diamonds, and emerald ring.

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Ring VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Perlée, 12.700€

White gold and Diamond ring.

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A Turbilhão é uma revista semestral, especializada na área da Alta Relojoaria e do Luxo.