While watchmakers spend an enormous amount of time finding ways to keep water out of watches, HYT not only brings liquids into their timepieces, but uses them to indicate the time. Turbilhão spoke with Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT, to find out what inspires the brand to create innovative watches and what HYT’s philosophical approach to time and how to display it.

HYT has established a reputation for its way of displaying time through liquids. Has the focus changed since then?

In 2012, we introduced an innovative way to indicate the passage of time with the help of a patented fluidic device, which took more than ten years to become a reality. Our focus has remained the same since then: challenging the status quo and continuing to push boundaries. What has certainly changed in the past two years is the fact that we no longer regard our watches as “timekeepers”, but as “time counters”.

Why is the use of fluids such an interesting concept for HYT?

Our fluid display offers new perspectives in terms of watchmaking. Whatever the culture, human perception of time is fluid. Like a river, time is an unstoppable flow that cannot be stopped. We use two different fluids to display the time. One is colored, the second is transparent. One shows the elapsed time, while the other illustrates a time yet to come. The meeting point between them is NOW. With two liquids progressing inside a glass capillary, it only takes one look to instantly visualize the past, future and present. It is no longer just an indication of the time, but the passage of time itself. Immediately, overloaded calendars and smartphones are the absolute benchmark in terms of accuracy, while HYT watches offer a much-needed opportunity to reconnect with the true meaning and value of time.


HYT watches have a balance between technology and design. How do you manage to incorporate both?

Our watches are at the crossroads of art and science. They represent the best of both worlds. But starting from a scientific or artistic point of view would be a wrong approach to achieving balance. Design is a process that has little to do with drawing something visually pleasing. Design requires us to ask the right questions and try to find the best possible answers. As much as our two liquids are unmixable, but complementary, there is a visible tension between craftsmanship and high technology, innovation and tradition, being avant-garde and, at the same time, remaining timeless. No force exists without a counter. Creativity is right in the middle.

What are the main design pillars of a HYT watch?

In 2017, we introduced a new design language that helped to redefine our brand. With the H0 collection, our aim was to capture the essence of HYT, placing our fluidic device in the spotlight. Our creative path was like an archaeological process. We had to remove successive layers until we discovered the naked truth. Meanwhile, this elegant, avant-garde and discreet aesthetic has become the signature of the brand.