Greubel Forsey presents the new GMT Sport with an integrated titanium bracelet, the first metal bracelet in the brand’s history.

In 2021, Greubel Forsey presents, for the first time in its history, a metal bracelet. The model chosen to host this debut was the brand’s sports watch, the Greubel Forsey GMT Sport.

First presented in 2019, Greubel Forsey’s first sports watch is now back in the limelight with an integrated titanium strap, a first for the brand. Like its predecessor, the new GMT Sport is regulated by the Greubel Forsey 24-second Tourbillon, visible at 1h. The tourbillon cage is tilted at an angle of 25 ° and completes a full rotation every 24 seconds. At three o’clock, a power reserve indicator shows what remains of the 72 hour power reserve for this watch. At four and five o’clock, the two struts of the arched and skeletonized bridge are mounted, which supports the central hour and minute hands and which indicate the time on a reduced scale along the inner side of the bezel. Between seven and nine o’clock, a globe representative of the Earth seen from above from the North Pole rotates once every 24 hours to show the current time at all longitudes, including a day / night indication. At ten o’clock, a triangular hand displays the second time zone and a rotating dial shows the elapsed seconds. On the back of the watch, a rotating dial with the names of 24 cities displays the time in the respective time zones. This display also indicates daylight saving time and the time zones that apply it.

In terms of design, the GMT Sport is distinguished by the ellipse-shaped bezel that curves down at twelve and six o’clock to improve ergonomics. On the left side of the 42 mm (17.80 m thick) case, two pushers adjust the second time zone and the globe.

The big difference between the new Greubel Forsey and its predecessor lies in the integrated bracelet that now appears, for the first time, in titanium. What impresses at first sight is the thickness of the bracelet, which offers the possibility to continue the structure of the case not only on the external side of the bracelet, but also on the side. The central links are brushed vertically, while the outer ones exhibit a matte surface surrounded by a brushed margin. This pattern is present on the outside and, in part, also on the side of the bracelet. All bevels are chamfered and polished by hand. Visually, the bracelet fits perfectly into the case.

Although it looks huge, the bracelet, like the case, is produced in titanium, which contributed to greater comfort and lightness. In addition, the folding clasp has a fine adjustment that the user can operate using two buttons on the side of the clasp, without the need to take the watch off the wrist. The Greubel Forsey GMT Sport, limited to 33 pieces, is delivered with an additional blue rubber strap.