It opens its doors to the Avenida dos Aliados, where the view takes our breath away, and recovers the splendor of other times, when there were heard orchestras and the clinking of chalices that interrupted erudit conversations, in the most prestigious café at the time, mythical monumental cafe.

It dates from 1923 one of the most emblematic buildings in Porto, designed by the Italian architect Michelangelo Soá. The same where today the French chain Maison Albar Hotels – owned by the Paris Inn Group – sees its first hotel unit in Portugal erected – Le Monumental Palace Hotel. The Gothic façade, the stair railing and the grandeur of the high ceiling still hold memories of the glamorous past of Café Monumental and harmoniously integrate the decoration of the double Oitoemponto. Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec succeeded in recreating the Art Deco and Art Nouveau environments, iconic styles of the 30s of the 20th century, through the magnificent mirrors, the exuberant lamps, the Portuguese marbles or the carpet with singular designs.

After three years of rehabilitation carried out by Mystic Invest, Le Monumental Palace Hotel is today recognized for a unique concept that combines architectural magnificence and the city’s history with French refinement and style, in a contemporary interpretation that offers us “monumental” experiences.


Majestic, the hotel

The monumentality of this five-star hotel is not limited by name. The corridors that remind us of the carriages of the Orient Express, the noble materials, the natural light and the elegance of the French style that decorate the 76 rooms and the 13 suites prove it. And for a moment, we just want to forget about the outside world.


Magnificent, the sensory journey

At Le Monumental Nuxe Spa, the only one of the brand in the country, the mesmerizing tones of the indoor pool, the sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere, the aromas of exclusive designer treatments, the sauna or the Turkish bath, take us away and bring us back to serenity

Magnificent, the flavors

The aromas of the Palace’s modern and sophisticated cuisine whet your appetite. We follow them. And our monumental gastronomic journey now depends on a decision that proves to be difficult. At Bar Américain the menu attracts us right away. Cocktails, a selection of the best Port wines and, to share, some snacks. A good option, we think.

Café Monumental makes us even more indecisive. The name and sumptuousness of yesterday intersect with the Parisian spirit, in this brasserie that has to offer us traditional delicacies of French cuisine. Foie gras, poultry, patisserie and, finally, the visit of the classic dessert cart. It is, however, the reinterpretation of the French tradition and the homage to Portuguese products, by the hands of the already famous Gallic Chef Julien Montbabut, that wins today. The gastronomic proposals of modern haute cuisine that he presents take us on a delicious journey through the French savoir-faire and the richness of the Portuguese culinary heritage, in a modern and elegant, intimate and exclusive setting. The smile that invades our face leaves no room for doubt. Calm lives in the soul and happiness leaves the body light. We close our eyes, review today and build plans for tomorrow.

Avenida dos Aliados, 151 – 4000-067 Porto

A Turbilhão é uma revista semestral, especializada na área da Alta Relojoaria e do Luxo.