The so acclaimed blended Scotch whiskey, James Martin’s, celebrates passing the baton to Bill Lumsden in a rare 32-year edition, available exclusively for Portugal.

With sweet and smooth characteristics, intertwined with a creamy and fruity aroma, the intensity of this whiskey is revived in a blend stored to perfection in aged barrels. Shared exclusively with the Portuguese public, this edition of James Martin’s, an authentic piece of bottled history, is reserved for whiskey lovers, old and new, in a country where the brand has always been a luxury reference and has gone through several generations of connoisseurs, in a legacy passed from father to son. Honouring the rarity of this precious liquid, this exclusive edition comes in a square bottle, inspired by Art Deco, very much in the style of James Martin’s whiskeys and with the traditional swallow symbol of the house’s original brand seal.

Being an ancient and famous Scottish name, James Martin’s whiskey is praised by numerous generations of critics. It has been a favourite of the British royalties and has been appreciated on the finest classic ocean liners. James Martin’s has supplied the British Royal House in the early 19th century, under the King Edward. Also, it was served on the luxurious Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth post-World War II. In addition to the historical distinctions, the 30-year-old James Martin’s, was even awarded a gold medal by the International Wine and Spirits Competition, in 2004.

Its founder, James “Sparry” Martin, names the prestigious James Martin & Co., the century-old brand established in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1878. Nowadays, the creator’s legacy retains its vigorous expression and it is placed in the hands of Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie Company’s innovative blend and single malt expert.

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