Vacheron Constantin has just appointed Matthieu Ferry as the new general manager of Vacheron Constantin for Portugal, Spain, France and Belux. Matthieu Ferry joined Vacheron Constantin in 2019, as Business Development Director, having participated in the growth plan of Parisian boutiques and simultaneously developing the “Les Cabinotiers” offer with exclusive Maison customers. Matthieu was also responsible for strengthening sales partnerships with strategic retailers.

With extensive experience in the luxury market – having been Group Director in the Professional and Consumer Products Division of the L’Oréal Group and, already in the watchmaking and jewelery world, Chaumet Marketing Director for Europe, between 2013 and 2017 -, Matthieu will continue to develop Vacheron Constantin’s positioning and recognition in the luxury watch category, emphasizing its historical heritage of watchmaking excellence, which is based on technical knowledge, exceptional hand finishes and an impression of the spirit of innovation in their collections.
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