Miu Miu has just presented the Miu Miu Denim Icons capsule collection. It is a line of jeans, declined in six different formats, each inspired by the decade in which they were created and named after the witty, elegant and ultra-confident women who wore them.

Produced in dark blue and heavy denim, the Lauren jeans are inspired by the 40s and present themselves with the traditional wear of functional jeans used for rough work of the time. In the following decade, jeans became more of a fashion statement. Thus, Brigitte jeans reflect the 50s and are presented in dark denim, with high waist and cut at the ankle, referencing the feminine silhouette of Capri pants. Françoise jeans, from the 60s, appear in white denim with straight legs and high waist. Back then, jeans had become ubiquitous, signifying youth and emancipation, and as their popularity grew, so did the color palette, the weight and washes.

Inspired by the 70s, Jane jeans feature a low waist, a bell cut and are produced in a washed pale denim. After all, “flower power” was at its peak, as were bell pants and jeans. Brooke jeans, from the 80s, represent a unisex design and are presented in a dark denim widely appreciated in that decade. Finally, Kate jeans, representative of the 90s, translate into light blue jeans, uncomplicated, that could easily have been borrowed by the boyfriend, as stylish and minimalist as the jeans throughout the 90s.

In fact, few garments are as suggestive of an era as a pair of jeans. Currently a universal symbol of the democratization of the wardrobe, where each person and generation dresses them in their own way, the jeans are now honored by Miu Miu in a capsule collection that reflects the history of this iconic piece.

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