SUD Lisboa continues to assert itself as the space of choice for the celebration of exceptional events. this time, it was the place chosen by tenco – a luxury concierge company – to celebrate its 1st anniversary.

After memorable moments lived at Sud Lisboa Hall, such as the party of the watchmaker Omega with Cindy Crawford, or the New Year’s Eve to the sound of Gipsy Kings or Julio Iglesias Jr., it was now the turn of Sud Lisboa Terrazza to receive the celebration of the 1st Anniversary of TENco, a Swiss company specialized in luxury concierge.

The guests – national and international – were welcomed with a cocktail in the SUD Pool Lounge, located in the upper part of the SUD Lisboa Terrazza, and whose breathtaking landscape, over the Tagus river, the 25 de Abril bridge and the Cristo Rei, added a touch of glamor and exclusivity to the event.

Tural Mammadov, CEO of TENco – The Exclusive Network, took the time to explain a little more about this project that is now celebrating its first year of life. It is a luxury concierge company, based in Switzerland, dedicated to serving, advising and connecting the most exceptional and privileged people in the world. But not only.

According to Tural Mammadov, “the mission is always to exceed our own expectations, reaching the luxury market like no one before and creating a network of exceptional people, representing brands on one side and members of TENco on the other. Our goal is to create unique experiences that can be remembered for a lifetime, with a team committed to being more than just the typical concierge on demand”.

To this end, TENco’s CEO examined the gaps currently in the concierge companies and tried to fill them. For Tural Mammadov, the company’s main objective is “to create the Exclusive Network, where members are like family and are treated as such everywhere they go. That is why we partner with strong luxury brands such as Brunello Cuccinelli and Four Seasons, because of their support and loyalty to our brand. The concept is and always will be to create and maintain meaningful relationships “.

And why the choice of Portugal to celebrate the company’s first anniversary? This is the question that must be asked. It is that Salome Gorgiladze, deputy administrator of SUD Lisboa, and Tural Mammadov are longtime friends. Both were foreigners studying in Switzerland, approached and supported each other during the years of study and created a friendship for life. In Salome’s words, “more than a birthday celebration, this is a celebration of friendship, a meeting of friends. It is an immense happiness to realize that our college group was successful and that each of us is involved in successful projects “.

Florian Picasso, Salome Gorgiladze and Tural Mammadov

Florian Picasso, an acclaimed DJ, great-grandson of the iconic painter Pablo Picasso, is also part of the group of friends of different nationalities who came together in a cohesive group. As it should be, Florian was among the guests of this night of celebration, to pay tribute and his support to the founder of TENco.

Turbilhão had the opportunity to talk to Florian Picasso and discover that he is an aficionado of watchmaking and the “mechanics that give life to timepieces”. Florian also addressed the question of his origins. The Dj was born in Vietnam and was adopted by Marina Ruiz-Picasso, granddaughter of the acclaimed painter. Grateful for the life he has, Florian Picasso does not forget, however, his origins, having returned to the orphanage where he was adopted when he was only three months old. For the DJ, it would not be fair to regret the fact that he was abandoned by his biological parents because, thanks to that, he was entitled to his “second chance” and today he does what he likes and has the opportunity to fight for his “ideas and beliefs“.

In addition to the cocktail served in the Pool Lounge, the evening was also marked by the conviviality of the guests, at a sharing dinner, whose menu was in charge of Executive Chef Patrick Lefeuvre, and by the animation provided by the resident artists of SUD Lisboa Terrazza.