Physical and emotional well-being has become a priority after the phase of deep deprivation we have experienced. More than ever, we are witnessing a growing demand for experiences and places that help us regain a sense of stability and normality. This almost collective need for catharsis and renewal has (re)born proposals of deeper well-being experiences and with an holistic approach, which allows us to reconnect with ourselves, with others and nature. Come with us to some of the most sophisticated spas and beauty salons in Portugal, considered true “temples of well-being”, and find the balance in proposals that combine the best of excellence and tranquillity.


Wellness & Spa Six Senses Douro Valley


Right in the middle of the Douro River valley, one finds the ideal place to (re)discover inner peace, in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature: the Wellness & Spa Six Senses Douro Valley. The scenery, defined by natural elements (water, stone and wood), provides a feeling of pure relaxation and well-being in a rural environment, whilst benefiting from state-of-the-art technology, with non-invasive probes and personalised software, which allows access to treatments that are truly tai-lored to the customer’s needs. Signature programmes and exclusive treatments – such as chromotherapy and cryotherapy, rejuvenation in the vitality pool, underwa-ter sound therapy and locally inspired therapies, based on grapes and citrus fruits – and a diverse range of fitness classes, with experienced personal trainers, yoga, meditation and a sleep specialist, complement the “menu” of experiences provided by the spa.


Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa

Porches, Algarve

Recently awarded with two distinctions of excellence: the “World’s Best Spa Signature Treatment 2021”, by the Golden Quartz Treatment, the World Spa Awards and, once again, the “Portugal’s Best Resort Spa 2021”, by the World Travel Awards; the VILA VITA Spa, by Sisley Paris, combines an advanced scientific approach with the most exquisite natural ingredients, in an invitation to a wonderful sensory world. Throughout its 1,600 m2 (17,222 sq.ft.), its modern lines, the contempo-rary design and its decoration with natural stone and blue and green tones stands out, leading to an immediate feeling of connection with nature. Integrated in a fabulous 5-star resort, in the Algarve region, this spa offers a wide range of services, spread over 14 elegant treatment rooms that invite one to deep relaxation, such as: suspended yoga, power yoga and chakra meditation, in addition to the unique beauty treatments, amongst them the innovative and exclusive HYPOXI body shaping method and the “Detox”, “Fitness”, “Relaxation” and “Beauty” programmes, as well as a wide range of treatments, for face and body, such as: massage and manicure and pedicure services.


Laurea Spa – Savoy Palace Hotel


With over three thousand square meters ( 32,300 sq.ft) of multiple sensations, the Laurea Spa at the Savoy Palace Hotel, a luxury resort in the heart of Funchal, was distinguished, in 2020, as the largest spa in Portugal and this year was awarded the prize of “Portugal’s Best Hotel Spa 2021”. In a true hymn to well-being, this space provides an atmosphere of authentic relaxation and refinement, which combines the best of the Madeira Island: the caves, the floral aromas and the vivid greens, typical from the Laurissilva Forest and the so invigorating breeze of the Atlantic. In addition, for a perfect connection between body and mind, there is nothing better than experiencing a sensory shower or massages with plants essences and clay, to purify and invigorate; with volcanic stones from the Madeira Island to stimulate the blood circula-tion, reduce stress and fatigue; with calming oils, ideal for muscle relaxation; and Sodashi rebalancing techniques, over the energy meridians.


Maison D’ Beauté Spa


Inaugurated in 2020, in the charming village of Cascais, Maison d’Beauté Spa is a space for health and well-being, luxuriously designed to provide memorable moments in a welcoming and relaxing environment. In here, one can find a wide range of treatments, at the highest level, of beauty for face and body, hair and spa, as well as a clinic specialising in rejuvenation with procedures performed by a medic. In this beauty centre, we are welcomed into a comforting atmosphere, where meditation music sets the pace and the invitation extends to waters with flavours, prepared daily on the advice of therapists and served in goblets, while enjoying the benefits of the treatments.


212.2 Ricardo Vila Nova


The hair “charmer” internationally recognised, Ricardo Vila Nova stands out as one of only three people in the world, to read the DNA through hair. This is a diagnostic method, which allows deciphering the hormonal, nutritional and genetic condition, as well as measuring lipid levels and the PH of the scalp. This exceptional ability and superior knowledge in cosmetics formulation allowed him to create a unique and holistic hair treatment method. Very early in love with everything related to hair cosmetics, it was in L’Oréal’s advanced research laboratories, in Paris that he started to take the first steps in his training and as a researcher. Later moving to the United Kingdom and specialising in dermatological cosmetics, where he was eventually invited to open his own space, at Harrods, after the results achieved with his own methodology, as the head of the hair department for a chain of clinics. Notwithstanding this, his exceptional talent and deep knowledge in the formulation of cosmetics would eventually take him further, having also worked in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York.

Since 2012, he has also practiced his art in Lisbon and Oporto, after the British Vogue has considered him as the “hair charmer”; however, it was in 2018 that he opened his Clinic-Boutique at the Avenida da Liberdade (Avenue), a space with a sophisticated design and the most advanced technology to meet all the requirements of the capillary subject. His treatments are tailor-made, with the support of an experienced team and can range from capillary stimulation equipment, using laser technology, medical needling techniques, mesohair, dermaroller, even including a home care line, formulated by Ricardo, which enhance the beauty and health for those looking for outstanding hair.


Lúcia Piloto Avenida – Luxury Concept Store


Under the motto “Disconnect to Connect”, the Luxury Concept Store by Lúcia Piloto takes us to a new dimension of beauty and well-being, where feeling is the watchword. Located on the majestic Avenida da Liberdade, this iconic and innovative space was designed so that you can disconnect from the outside world and experience a luxurious sensory experience, in a fusion of nature and technology. In this “beauty paradise” you can carry out a hair analysis diagnosis, in the Digital Lounge, accompanied by a Beauty Advisor, as well as enjoy the services of a women’s and men’s hairdresser, color bar, make up station, spa, make-up, massages, pedicure and manicure.

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