THE JEWELLERY – The new jewelery brand from Boutique dos Relógios Plus

Designs únicos e intemporais, atenção ao detalhe e a escolha criteriosa de materiais dão vida a THE JEWELLERY, a marca de joalharia da Boutique dos Relógios Plus.


Boutique dos Relógios Plus has just launched its own jewelery brand – THE JEWELLERY -, characterized by gold pieces and precious stones, as well as a sur mesure service.

Combining the nobility of gold with the brilliance of precious stones, THE JEWELLERY, the new jewelery brand from Boutique dos Relógios Plus, presents timeless jewelry. Rings, wedding bands, solitaires, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that promise to shine – just like diamonds – forever.

With the motto of the timelessness of its pieces, THE JEWELLERY presents itself as a collection that does not neglect even the smallest details. From the design, through the master jeweler and ending with the careful selection of gems and precious materials used, the constant search for quality and exclusivity is the common denominator for all THE JEWELLERY pieces.

THE JEWELLERY brand includes a range of shapes and styles that promises to please a wide audience. However, if the customer prefers a personalized piece or even a totally exclusive jewel, THE JEWELLERY still offers a customization and / or creation of jewelery sur mesure service.


The new jewelery brand from Boutique dos Relógios Plus also includes the Bridal line, which allows the bride and groom to choose the ring that best adapts to the style, personality and history of each one. THE JEWELLERY Bridal collection is especially dedicated to brides and grooms and all those who plan to take the step forward and move forward with the wedding proposal, offering various styles and designs of wedding bands and engagement rings, entirely produced in gold and diamonds.

For those who want to build their “and were happily ever after” fully tailored, THE JEWELLERY offers a Jeweler Concierge service, which allows to create customized pieces that meet the needs and tastes of each client.

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