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The first steps in acting were taken in Portugal, but the great adventure was just beginning. Living in the U.S., today, Daniela Ruah has a successful career and is widely known to the international public for her role in the American series NCIS: Los Angeles. The Portuguese-American actress is the face of this edition of Turbilhão and tells us about her career, family and how she manages her time.

Since living in the United States of America in 2007, became known to the American public, fell in love, married, had two children… Right now, are there more things that link you to Portugal or the U.S.?

Countries don’t compete in my head or in my heart. I have a family connection to both places, since I grew up in Portugal and I have a very close family still in our country. On the other hand, I had my children and I’m building them in America so I also feel a great connection with North America. It is also a matter of survival; if we don’t adapt to the place where we live, we’d never be happy. I have too many positive and beautiful things that keep me connected to both countries so I can’t choose between one or the other.

In what ways are we really different from Americans?

It’s hard to compare the two nations. I say this because the U.S. has a population of 330 million people of whom most have foreign backgrounds, so it’s hard to talk about Americans as one entity and not as a mixture of cultural habits. However, American politics is very different from Portuguese and this influences the way one people think to another.

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Do you usually share some of the Portuguese mores with your American friends?

Sometimes they think it’s funny to learn Portuguese words

If you could take a piece of Portugal to the U.S., what would you take?

My parents!

What do you miss most about Portugal?

I miss the grilled sardines in the summer, our beaches, my childhood friends, my usual corners…

How do you manage the longing, this feeling so Portuguese?

Honestly, I’m used to the sense of longing, so it’s part of my normal state.

What Portuguese values makes a point of transmitting to your children?

The most important values don’t have a nationality. Integrity, kindness, compassion, respect for others, ambition, recognizing what is right or wrong, etc. Of course I transmit our culture to my children like the Portuguese language or an eclectic taste in the cookery.

The NCIS series: Los Angeles is a huge success. After it, would you like to stay on television or devote yourself more to cinema and/or theater?

I really like the three, so I don’t have a preference. The most important thing for me is to accept roles that fill me creatively and allow me to put food on the table. Everything has an end, so I appreciate any positive work that will come to my hands.

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What other professional projects do you currently have in mind?

I’ve got some! But it’s too early to reveal them.