Past, present and future. Design, Fine Watchmaking, Precision, Technology and Innovation! HYT is all of this and more, as evidenced by the philosophical concept on which the brand bet everything.

There are watches that despite clearly asking a technical approach in response to the innovative technological wealth that close, eventually lead us to a more philosophical analysis of the purpose for which they are intended. One that – and nobody is surprised by this anymore – does not focus on the trivialized function of indicating the right time, be it day or night.

The genesis of HYT originates from an apparently simple question, but one that ended up defining the entire genesis of this manufacture of Haute Horlogerie: if time flows, and only gains meaning through the content of the lives we live, then why limit its metrics to now , to the present moment, isolated and constantly highlighted by the attention given to it by sharp hands or fleeting digital indications?

The creative model developed by HYT proves that it is much more than a monolithic brand, hostage to a single concept. Rather, it is an approach with several layers of complexity that are difficult to perceive at once. And although most people insist on associating HYT with an eminently technological concept, the brand prefers to continue to place a very special emphasis on the way it expresses time, which has nothing to do with the form adopted by the rest of the industry more than 500 years.

To mark this difference, HYT goes much further back, until the time the concept of time was invented, more than 4 millennia ago. The first water clock, also known as Clepsidra, was a container filled with liquid that leaked into another, empty, and whose passage maintained a controlled flow, intended to indicate the flow of time. HYT adopts precisely the same principle, with the exception that the system is now a little more complex and is worn on the wrist.

For centuries one of the great battles of mechanical watchmaking was to maintain any kind of liquid away from the watch mechanism. The emergence of HYT challenged this idea to the point where a group of over 45 people currently, including those working at the sister company Preciflex, a place where there are many more scientists than watchmakers, who dedicate themselves exclusively to the task of inventing a new concept of time indication by means of fluids and that does not deny an eminently mechanical basis as we perceive it in the world of haute horlogerie.

And this is the reason why HYT considers itself since its foundation as a watchmaker in its own right, and where only a small difference, makes all the difference: an indication of fluid time that belongs neither to the past nor the future, but that is firmly rooted in the present.

Carlos writes as a freelancer for several national and international publications on the topic that has always fascinated him, haute horlogerie. An area that he considers to be a door to a much wider, multidisciplinary and comprehensive world - an almost inexhaustible source of scientific, historical and social information about who we are and how we got here.