Timeless Réveillon is the motto of SUD Lisboa Hall New Year’s Eve party, which hosts Julio Iglesias Jr. as its main guest, among many other surprises. Turbilhão went to experience a little of what will be one of the most celebrated New Year’s Eve parties in the capital and tells you everything.

Invited to experience a little of what will be the Timeless New Year’s Eve of SUD Lisboa Hall, Turbilhão spent a memorable night next to the river Tagus. The experience began with the lighting of the Christmas lights of this Lisbon hotspot. With the lighting inaugurated, it was time for us to sit at the table to enjoy what will be the longest night menu of the year, prepared exclusively by Chef Angel Reyes.

The meal began with an amuse bouche of Pearl Scallops, Lima Caviar and Kumquat and an entree consisting of a Royal Crab Duo and Confined Prawn with Granny Smith and Avocado Tartar, Yuzu, Apple Foam and Orange Crunchy. Divine, it will be the most appropriate adjective.

Next was the fish dish, a Brine-Cured Grouper, Smoked Celery Scales, and shellfish jus, while as a meat dish, the Chef’s choice fell – and well – on a Charolais Beef Loaf, Aroma of Roses, Morilles Sautées, millefeuille of Smoked Cream Topinambur, Fresh Truffle and Foie Sauce.

To finish in style what will be the last meal of the year, a delicious dessert of Lychee and Rhubarb Textures, White Chocolate, Pistachio Air Cake, Bergamot Gel and Tangerine Sorbet and Petit Fours.

During dinner, we were also entitled to enjoy some of the performances performed by artists and dancers who will also perform on New Year’s Eve at SUD Lisboa Hall, along with special guest Julio Iglesias Jr ..

In fact, the great moment of the Timeless New Year’s Eve party will be the performance of Julio Iglesias Jr., who follows the artistic legacy of his father, the renowned singer Julio Iglesias. On the last night of 2019, the artist who inspires and dreams fans of all ages, taking them on a timeless journey through the usual grand themes, now reinterpreted by his voice and contemporary arrangements, promises to snatch the Lusitanian soul into an exclusive show, at Timeless Réveillon at SUD Lisboa Hall

The SUD Timeless Réveillon will be lived next to the Tagus river and will start with a cocktail, continue with the Gala Dinner and, at the time of twelve chimes, all guests will be able to go to the SUD Lisboa Hall rooftop to watch a show, which already has become a year-end tradition in SUD Lisboa: fireworks in the best scenery of the city of Lisbon, with the 25 de Abril Bridge and the Cristo-Rei as a backdrop.

SUD Lisboa Terrazza and SUD Pool Lounge

But the offer of SUD Lisboa to receive 2020 with pomp and circumstance does not stop there. To delight all audiences, SUD Lisboa offers distinct parties in its spaces. Thus, in addition to SUD Lisboa Hall, SUD Lisboa Terrazza and SUD Pool Lounge will also welcome the new year.

If the idea of New Year’s Eve is to enter 2020 and relive the 1920s, SUD Lisboa Terrazza will be the ideal option. Under the motto SUD Trendy Twenties, the space invites its customers to submerge into the vintage universe. New Year’s Eve will be celebrated in light of a glamour theme party whose dress code is inspired by the retro 20’s.

The spirit of fantasy will still be felt throughout the space through a décor, props of the time and the sound of a musical route from Swing to Charleston, genres immortalized by the iconic Glenn Miller’s orchestras, Benny Goodman, among other songs that will carry everybody to an imaginary trendy twenties.

This night will begin with a personalized reception of guests. During dinner, guests can watch live music performances. Rounding out the animation are the Italian-Mediterranean flavors that Executive Chef Patrick Lefeuvre will bring to the table.

The restaurant celebrates the last night of the year with sea Carpaccio and crustacean reduction at the beginning of the meal; followed by a ruddy Cherne over Risotto of Razor Clams and Salicorinia, in the fish dish, and Confined Veal Jarret, Wild Mushroom Tortellini and Black Truffle Chestnut, in the option of meat. For dessert the Chef suggests Chocolate Hazelnut and Peanut Caramel Cream and Nougat Ice Cream. As an alternative to this menu a vegetarian menu will also be available.

Common to both SUD Lisboa venues – SUD Lisboa Terrazza and SUD Lisboa Hall – at midnight guests will be surprised by a firework display overlooking the Tagus River at the SUD Pool Lounge. Alongside the live musical performances during dinner, the evening will continue to be animated by the presence of the resident DJ who will make everyone dance to the rhythm of a musical journey through the iconic 1920s.

New Year’s Eve at SUD Pool Lounge invites all guests to watch a fireworks show, with the 25th of April Bridge and Cristo-Rei in the background.

This party, starting at 10:30 pm, is inspired by the atmosphere of the 80’s, through a musical journey with consecrated successes of this era that continue to the present day. The rhythm of the iconic golden years will be heard by the interpretation of SUD Lisboa singers and the performance of a DJ with themes that marked the irreverence of that era.

Throughout the evening guests will be able to sample Chef Patrick Lefeuvre’s signature menu with unique textures and flavors.

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