An ancient African folklore – The Girl Who Created the Stars – was the spark of inspiration that led Graff to create the new Tribal jewelry collection.

Deep in the heart of the desert, the sky is pitch black. The world is lit only by the light of a fire. A girl dances around the fire and reaches into the flames to grab a handful of glowing embers, which she hurls into the air. These rise into the air and travel far away, becoming the stars that light up the night sky. This is an excerpt from African folklore that tells the story of the girl who created the stars, the magical starting point for the creation of a new collection of Graff fine jewelry called Tribal.

New diamond jewelry takes us on a journey from sunrise to sunset. With striking and sculptural pieces that transform the elements of the story into abstract motifs. The collection is structured in three parts: New Dawn, Night Moon and The Graff Gateway. The first is intended to symbolize the largest of the stars – the Sun – appearing on the horizon, reflected in the collection through a necklace with 65 carats of yellow and white diamonds, while the second reflects the mystical energy of the moon, with groups of diamonds in the shape of crescents that echo the shape of the Earth’s natural satellite. Finally, The Graff Gateway, which brings together pieces carved in abstract ovals, intends to symbolize infinite possibilities, as well as the link between the past and the future.

The Graff Tribal collection comprises 35 pieces, most of which are unique. Sumptuous necklaces, pendants, long and small earrings, rings, and bracelets, all imbued with a mysterious symbolism: the colorless diamonds represent a long, cold winter; the yellow ones, the warm rays of dawn; and green emeralds, the awakening of nature after a long hibernation.

To capture the spirit of the legend that inspires this collection, the Tribal campaign was filmed and photographed by Mikael Jansson at the Dunes of Atlantis, South Africa. Dressed in extraordinary jewels, Portuguese supermodel Sara Sampaio appears walking barefoot on the sand dunes, through blackened steel sculptures.