Avenida dos Aliados, in Porto, receives the Boutique dos Relógios Plus in a new store that surprises by offering unforgettable luxury experiences.

After two reference stores on Avenida da Liberdade, in Lisbon, which excel in presenting different concepts, such as a Portuguese Space or a praise of Art, where a piece by Joana Vasconcelos stands out, Boutique dos Relógios Plus headed to Porto to surprise again, now with a concept that calls “Store of the Future”.

Former home of the newspaper “O Comércio do Porto”, built in 1930, with the signature of architects Rogério de Azevedo and Baltazar de Castro, the imposing facade of this building on Avenida dos Aliados now receives the first Invicta’s Boutique dos Relógios Plus, located outside a shopping center.

Crie a sua jóia e personalize as suas peças //Design your jewel and costumize your pieces

There are 363 square meters, divided into two floors, of a space dedicated to high watchmaking and luxury jewelry, which is surprising for its architecture, concept, and exclusivity. Upon entering the new address of Boutique dos Relógios Plus, we are impacted by the atmosphere of comfort, sobriety, and a lot of glamor, provided by the careful selection of the exhibition and the materials used. The combination of different types of wood, natural stones, brass, and mirrors, which surround the space and culminate in the unusual ceiling, composed of hexagonal panels in oak, gives an additional touch of differentiation and elegance.

And it is in this environment that the customer is invited to embark on a journey through spaces dedicated to the best luxury watch brands, such as Cartier, Omega, Breguet, Blancpain, Bulgari, IWC, Piaget or Breitling, while enjoying the already traditional service Bar offered by Boutique dos Relógios Plus. Then, it is time to enter another dimension, where the watchwords are vintage, customization and trendy. Or, if we want, Lifestyle.

For that, Boutique dos Relógios Plus invites you to go downstairs. There, in a space of 226 square meters, the customer will find, on one side, a trendy area, with special areas dedicated to the Swatch, Tissot, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brands, and, on the other, customization and vintage are the differentiating element. From the Letter Bar, where you can enjoy an energetic tea, while watching the manual and exclusive engraving of one or more bars that you can put on a bracelet or string – fully customizable for the client -, through the Jewelery School, the result of a partnership with Engenho e Arte, Escola de Joalharia do Porto. In this space, in addition to being able to watch the jewelers’ work live, the client will also be able to create their own jewel, entirely personalized.

Customization is, in fact, one of the big bets of the new Boutique dos Relógios Plus on Avenida dos Aliados. Still on the lower floor, the customer will find an area entirely dedicated to all types of engravings in the most diverse materials, from skins to watches, to jewelry or packaging. Here, personalization is the watchword, and the limit is the customer’s desire.

Visite // Visit the Pre-Owned & Vintage Loungue

Featured in the new store is also the vintage watch market, with a lounge dedicated to Trade in and Pre-Owned services. Here, the customer can, on one hand, deliver his old watch and, with the value that will be assigned by a certified specialist, purchase a new one; and, on the other, find and buy a pre-owned timepiece.

2020 is thus marked by the opening of a new store and concept, with the seal of Boutique dos Relógios Plus. Right in the center of the luxury artery par excellence of the city of Porto, a new space was born, nicknamed by those responsible for the Group as “Store of the Future”. With a different concept, totally focused on Lifestyle, the new Aliados store offers – in addition to the usual luxury watch and jewelry brands and differentiated and premium service -, above all, unforgettable experiences that promise to mesmerize customers and tourists from Invicta.

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