Founded on a shared commitment to go beyond the limits of mechanics and high technology, the partnership between IWC and AMG has, over 17 years, achieved unprecedented feats in an alliance between brands from these two sectors.

2004 was the year when the partnership between these two top brands took place. The cooperation between the prestigious Swiss watch brand and Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance sports department, AMG, was founded on a shared commitment to go beyond the limits of mechanics and high technology.

The result of a long and fruitful history in precision engineering at the highest level, these two partners have consolidated their positions at the top of their respective business areas, which has led this union of efforts to achieve unprecedented feats in a partnership between brands of these two sectors.

Many of the values of IWC and AMG are shared, such as tradition, passion for performance, mechanics, craftsmanship, perfection, and simplicity. Not that they want to produce simple things, but rather to design products that eliminate unnecessary components to fulfill a specific function or functions. So, it is no wonder that many people who own IWC watches also own Mercedes AMG cars and vice versa.

Like Mercedes AMG engineers, IWC designers, technicians and master watchmakers are relentless in their pursuit of a level of perfection, known by both companies as “performance engineering”. IWC has a tradition that goes back many years of working with materials previously unknown in watchmaking, including titanium and ceramics. This tradition ultimately inspires AMG engineers in the development of new materials needed for Formula 1.


IWC Pilot Chronograph AMG

To celebrate the 17-year alliance in which a passion for high-performance engineering is celebrated, the two brands collaborated on the development of a new 43mm IWC Pilot chronograph with a titanium case – a first in the brand’s “Pilot” watch collection.

In this watch we can find materials used in automotive engineering that are used to build high performance cars manufactured by Mercedes-AMG, such as grade 5 titanium, which is light and scratch resistant, which was the raw material used for the construction of the case, which ends up giving it a matte gray appearance, which is said to be inspired by the finish of the Selenite Gray Magno paint, exclusive to AMG.

The carbon fiber dial is derived directly from the aerodynamic components often found in AMG elements. The chronograph’s silver totalizers contrast with the typical texture of the carbon fiber dial, a combination that reminds us of instruments regularly found in the world of motorsport. 

This special edition comes equipped with the 69385-caliber manufactured by IWC, a movement that offers a column wheel chronograph and calendar with day of week and day of month indication.

Gonçalo Ferreira, graduated in Elementary School Teacher, married and with two children, has as his passions, in addition to his family, watches and motorcycles. Working at Boutique dos Relógios since 2003, Gonçalo assumes, in addition to the normal functions at the store, the role of trainer for new elements of the teams. With a deep knowledge in watchmaking, thanks to several training courses given by the brands in Portugal and Switzerland, Gonçalo Ferreira has been a Turbilhão collaborator since number 1.


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