Blancpain’s connection to the world of Haute Cuisine is a story that began to be written more than 20 years ago and which has recipes from some of the most renowned Chefs in the gastronomic world, including Portuguese Chef Rui Paula, who recently joined to Blancpain kitchen.

Two different disciplines at first glance – fine watchmaking and Haute Cuisine – ultimately share values and traditions. If not, let’s see: the quality of a refined watch and a gourmet dish depend on precise adjustments, together with a subtle alliance between tradition, creativity, and authenticity. On the other hand, watchmakers and great Chefs demonstrate a fascinating ability to compose and assemble a wealth of components and ingredients that result in the creation of masterpieces. In addition, time plays a crucial role in the preparation of a refined delicacy.

Aware of this common DNA, Blancpain has cultivated, for over 20 years, special ties with the greatest Chefs on the gastronomic planet. It all started in 1986, when the brand offered Frédy Girardet a watch with a special engraving for being hailed as the “Best Chef in the World”. Three years later, Blancpain reiterated its commitment to Haute Cuisine when the latter – along with Paul Bocuse and Joël Robuchon – was named “Chef of the Century”. At the time, the Manufacture honored the award-winning Chefs with an engraved watch.

Since then, Blancpain’s gastronomic ties have grown to include active participation as the official timekeeper of various culinary competitions. More recently, the Maison has partnered with the famous Michelin Guide to celebrate and promote the milestones of excellence, passion, and expertise common to both luxury disciplines. The circle of Blancpain friends and ambassadors within the international gastronomic scene has also grown, including renowned chefs such as Martín Berasategui, Edgar Bovier, Julien Royer, Michaël Michaelidis or the Sühring twins.

“Passion moves us, and we create emotions”

The quality, tradition and passion of Portuguese cuisine did not go unnoticed by the haute horlogerie brand, which recently invited one of the most renowned national chefs to be part of its restricted group of friends of the brand. Chef Rui Paula proudly accepted the invitation and explained the reasons for doing so, stating that “just like gastronomy, Blancpain also has emotional roots and values traditions, or it would not be the oldest fine watchmaking brand in the world. My commitment to the brand is common: constant search for creativity and innovation; rigor in the choice of products – always with the highest quality – working them in a way that our creations follow modern and avant-garde trends, without ever losing the genuine touch; continuous search for excellence and knowledge”.

The meeting between the world of fine watchmaking and Haute Cuisine is thus completely evident, whether due to the common devotion to craftsmanship, the importance given to the quality of the product or the respect for terroir and traditions. As Chef Rui Paula says, “passion moves us, and we create emotions”.


Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Phase de Lune

The Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Phase de Lune offers a marriage of two Blancpain pillars: the sport diving DNA of the Fifty Fathoms and the Manufacture’s traditional complete calendar moon-phase display. To ensure it maintains optimal legibility, both underwater and on dry land, the calendar information is discreetly displayed to give pride of place to the indexes and the main hands. These elements are also coated with luminescent material striking a pleasing contrast with the meteor gray dial. The watch is presented in a 43mm case (also available is other materials) with a sail-canvas or NATO strap, as well as a metal bracelet.

A Turbilhão é uma revista semestral, especializada na área da Alta Relojoaria e do Luxo.