The cosy crackle of the fireplace, in a charming mountain chalet, after an intense day on the ski slopes. A remote place in the Arctic to glimpse at the natural spectacle, which fills up the northern skies with colour. Welcome to the winter holidays, with unmissable destinations.


If you love perfect and smooth snow and if skiing is a genuine pleasure, the Island of Hokkaido, in Japan, is heaven. Niseko is the premier ski area and proudly boasts the best powder snow in the world, a phenomenon which occurs at each cold season and that dyes the entire resort with white, transforming fields and forests into a magical winter landscape. Its four resorts are interconnected and night skiing and heli-skiing are just some of the specialties offered. When the late afternoon calls for relaxation therapies, after a full day in the mountains, the thermal water springs – the famous Onsen, long-standing in the ancestral Japanese culture – are absolutely idyllic.

When it comes to enjoying the excellence of the Japanese cuisine, some of the best Chefs awarded by the Michelin Guide suggest multiple options, from fusion cuisine to tender and succulent wagyu meat, in an extraordinary range of fine dining restaurants.



For those whose concept of snow includes adventure, friends and exclusivity, the British Columbia region, of Western Canada, is an exhilarating experience. At the foot of the Revelstoke Mountain Resort one will find the fascinating Bighorn Revelstoke chalet, with a maximum capacity of 16 people and several refinements included: award-winning Chefs, cinema room, outdoor whirlpool, sauna and gym. 

From here, one can climb up to the top of the highest ski mountain in North America and then enjoy the descent or venture oneself into heli-skiing. The property’s helicopter takes you to the wildest regions of this territory to glide through pristine snow mountains.



Extensive ski slopes combined with a select and sophisticated atmosphere. The Rocky Mountains, in Colorado, USA, are the perfect match. To begin with, the exclusive resort of Aspen – where there are pop-up champagne bars on the slopes – has its own airport, allowing one to travel by private jet. 

Nevertheless, what makes this seductive destination even more fascinating are its elegant Victorian buildings, luxurious hotels, prestigious designer stores – such as Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton – in addition to the surprising offer of art galleries. Its vibrant nightlife takes place mostly in selective private clubs and its eclectic gastronomy, with cuisines from around the world, attracts renowned New York Chefs.



In the “roadmap” of a snow vacation, the Alps are unavoidable. On the French side, Courchevel is part of the world’s largest interconnected ski domain, The Three Valleys, and it boasts a unique atmosphere, with excellent slopes and the charm of each of its small villas. Courchevel 1850 is the highest and the most glamorous of the resorts, where the charming chalets or the sumptuous experience in the emblematic hotels, with the coveted status of “Palace” have already conquered the preference of world celebrities and royalty.

With seven restaurants awarded by the Michelin Guide – including the famous “Le 1947”, distinguished with three stars – gastronomy is a sublime experience. On the sparkling Avenue Montagne (an allusion to the select Avenue Montaigne, in Paris) shopping lovers will find a fascinating selection of the most luxurious international brands, including Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, Gucci and Valentino.



In the Swiss Alps, Gstaad is one of the most exclusive paradises. It is situated in the highest region of the canton of Bern and the slopes are immaculately maintained and silent, allowing one to explore 200 km of slopes and an altitude of 3,000 meters in a magnificent landscape scattered by forests and lakes. 

Its world-class style preserves the charm of small chalet villas and refined and iconic hotels, in a reserved and peaceful atmosphere. Still, the resort hosts internationally renowned cultural and sporting events, luxury fashion and four Michelin-starred restaurants, increasing its popularity as a celebrity hotspot.



If your notion of a winter vacation requires something more tranquil, imagine a remote place, with exclusive access, surrounded by a private estate of 300 hectares of pure nature, covered by a white blanket of snow. The exclusivity of an accommodation with just 10 rooms, ideal for family or friends, with architecture inspired by the Sami culture and a design intended to contemplate the surrounding landscape and one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. At this sanctuary, in the Finnish Lapland’s Octola Lodge, the personalised experience also includes guides to explore the wild, as well as a private Chef to flavour eight-course menus inspired by the arctic cuisine, with fresh local products. In an oasis of well-being, there are rituals which are never neglected: gym, fitness centre, hand-carved wood-heated sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi, where the spectacle of the colours that embellish the skies becomes even more magnificent.

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